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Kendra [userpic]

Dear Livejournal..

May 29th, 2009 (03:23 am)

current location: My room
current mood: sleepy
current song: CSI..the original, none of that Horatio crap.

...and friends.

I'm sorry I have failed you. I'm obviously just..not a good livejournaler anymore.

I'm wicked amazing at Twitter though! I'm such a lemming. A sheep. Baaahh!

Quick update: I finished internship and have been looking for work every since. I've vacation to Baton Rouge and to Illinois to visit families. I may have a job but i'm not sure yet. I don't want to say too much cause i can jinx it.
Dads going to Baton Rouge next month to look at the house he's going to buy and intends to move into next year by February. Depending if i get this job or not i'll stay in El Paso a bit longer to establish myself with job and make sure this house in EP gets sold. Waahooot :P

I'm still single and it's starting to bug me. More so..the lack of sex is starting to bug me. This too..shall pass.

And...uh...i've lost 30 lbs. I'm at a plateau right now and it's annoying me. I'm not as strict with the gym as i should be. It's easier to just be lazy and sleep all day at home. Depression and self pity is a horrible drug...or...something. Either way..i have things to look forward to now and thus i can't use depression as my excuse for having a perfect imprint of my slowly diminishing ass on the couch.

Kendra [userpic]

Stupid people.

March 19th, 2009 (09:29 pm)


Well, thats one potential place of employment to scratch off the list. Nice.

Kendra [userpic]


March 16th, 2009 (11:51 pm)

current location: The Den
current mood: thoughtful
current song: Futurama

Well, i'm maintaining my weight for the past few weeks. Which is good, honestly. I'm not going to focus too much on losing again till i return from New Orleans.

I've finished internship and just need to do some paperwork at the school and i'm DONE! I passed the PTCB, gotta get the TX registration...and will start looking for work after i return from vacation.

As i was commenting to an LJ friend...i feel like shit cause i haven't kept up with my LJ posts. But i'll be driving or doing something and get some great thought and idea for a post..but it just never happens. Why is it sometimes the easiest things we just get too lazy to do?

So i went hiking again yesterday and it was very fun. I really love hiking..it's hard for me, at first, but i just push through and it's more fun. I know it's a great workout and it's pretty and exciting to do! I also did a small bit of rock climbing too! That was really exciting and i want to do it again...at a very easy spot, because i've got a long way to go before i'm re-enacting some epic Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible" scene.

I want to ask a friend to take some photos of me because i'm feeling particularly vain and just want to get some done. She'd do it for free, cause she's nice, but i'll prolly pay her or take her to dinner anyway :P

The tattoo is scheduled for Thursday..i'm very excited! Unfortunately it's most likely going to be a bit crusty by the time i get to NOLA but it'll be there, in my skin! So yay!

I'm excited to go out for Saint Patrick's day...still not going to drink, but it'll be nice to go out and let loose for a bit. I'll prolly flirt shamelessly with whatever attractive men i find. Haha!

Pictures from the hikeCollapse )

Kendra [userpic]


March 9th, 2009 (07:31 pm)

current location: The Den
current mood: excited
current song: WWE

I got an elliptical machine today. It was used but it practically new condition and only cost $60! I'm excited.

I have trouble getting the motivation to drive to the gym and i may just cancel membership. I'm gunna see how it goes when i'm not "working".

Speaking of "work"....i loved the first 4 weeks..but being in Support is epic fail. I'm being harassed, basically, by one of the employees and the boss of all the pharmacy is a male chauvinist pig..like, he's their bright shining poster boy. He is what every man hating asshole wishes he could be. I would, quite literally, like him to die.

I passed my PTCB on the 26th and am just waiting to get my paperwork so i can get registered in TX. Will apply for all kindsa jobs after that.

I've been looking more into Army Reserves and National Guard and seeing what my options are there. It's looking pretty appealing.

Dad and I will be going to Baton Rouge/NOLA the first 2 weeks of April. I'm also going to go to Biloxi/Gulfport, MS to play around on the beach and if my aunt goes..go to the casino for a bit. I'm looking very forward to this vacation. It'll be hard for my diet but i intend to do a lot of walking while there so hopefully i wont gain TOO much.

I'm going to be getting my Fleur Di Lis and French Filigree tattoo sometime this week aswell. My goal is to have MOST of the tat done and lose another 5-10 lbs before heading to NOLA. Woo!

Kendra [userpic]


March 4th, 2009 (05:23 pm)

current location: The Den
current mood: determined
current song: Australia the movie.

Starting weight: 210 lbs.
Current weight: 190 lbs.

Hells...yeah ;)

My Goal: 145 lbs.

Height: 5'3

Hips - 44.5
Waist - 37.5
Neck - 13.75

I'm at my first goal. Second is 175 lbs. This is where its gunna start getting harder i'm sure. Once i get to 175 it'll be REALLY difficult..thats always been my plateau weight.

Kendra [userpic]


February 9th, 2009 (07:33 pm)

Internship is going well.

Weightloss is going well, i have not weighed myself yet. Need to take my Month Two photo (ugh!) on the 14th.

I'm slipping into a funk...i've given up making sense why i slip in and out of depression anymore.

I'm very tired.

Kendra [userpic]

I am not gellin'.

February 3rd, 2009 (03:03 pm)

current location: The Den
current mood: sore
current song: Malcolm In The Middle

But i need to be. My feet are killing me after today.

I am not going to go to the gym today, but i will Wii fit and do an ab video. I went up and down several flights of stairs many times today. I only got to sit down maybe 30 minutes total until...now. And i was practically jogging everywhere i went. I think it's OKAY if i don't do a couple of miles on the treadmill..just this once. Oh..and i've lost another 1.5 lbs..so..:D

I like WBAMC so far. I dunno if i'll get hired..they require a year of Pharmacy work. My Vet Tech experience may help..but i can't count on it.

I'm tired.

Kendra [userpic]

Noivous...yer doin it...pritty well aktualy.

February 2nd, 2009 (06:58 am)
current location: The Den
current song: Cats killing each other.

I'm waiting for a classmate that will also be externing with me at WBAMC to get here. She is not military and doesn't have a pass for her car so i'm helping her out.

I had a dream last night that i met with my teacher on the 4th floor, Surgery Ward, and they had me go into Surgery and start prepping patients. And there was a woman there asking me questions and i was getting all my words wrong. Of course the dream was painfully accurate..because i've been in the 4th Floor Surgery Ward a dozen times since my childhood :P
I'm not going to be prepping patients in Surgery...i'm not a Surgery tech...yet :P Heh. The dream was weird. And nerve-wracking.

I went to bed very early last night..like at 7:30. Woke up a few times throughout the night but feel good this morning. NOTHING is going to stop me from getting to sleep by 9PM for the next 2 months. I have to be fully rested and rock this externship.

I can't help but feel that though this is exactly where i want to be...something will go wrong. They will not want to hire me. And thats fine, i guess. I have a back-up plan. For that matter...i didn't even really anticipate externing or being hired at WBAMC so it's not really a back-up plan, it's the INITIAL plan. But i'd like WBAMC to work out...though it'll mean i stay in El Paso a little longer. Eh.

Ill be going to the gym after "work"...i don't know if Jess is going to. I have to work veryvery hard to stay there and work out properly. It's just so hard to do when i'm by myself. But seeing the weight drop and imagining how nice my ass is gunna look if i keep this up is fuel :P
I didn't eat THAT well this weekend but i didn't go over my calorie intake...my carbs could have been wiser choices...but oh well. All in all i didn't do AWFUL.

The groundhog saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter. Groundhogs are so cute.

Kendra [userpic]

Random Pictures

January 31st, 2009 (07:57 pm)

current location: The Den
current mood: thoughtful
current song: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

BlahCollapse )

I'm feeling a lil better tonight. Going to the movies with Jess here in a bit..to see The Uninvited. Great..who needs sleep anyway? :P

I've decided i'll be going to NOLA for vacation after externship..if i even get a vacation. I need to see City Park and..all the places i loved and miss.

Kendra [userpic]

Brakbrakbrak <- my impersonation of the Cadbury Bunneh

January 30th, 2009 (08:22 pm)

current location: Bedroom
current mood: calm
current song: Private Practice

I'm tired of eating like a bunneh :( But i must, i must...i must decrease my....tummy.

Had a very good workout at the gym with Jess yesterday. Felt i did pretty decent for my first time back at the gym in a while. I thought i'd be very sore today but besides some initially ache this morning i was fine. It didn't help i woke up with a nasty head cold either. I took some Theraflu and slept an extra two hours..so i was a bit late for school. No biggie..it was my last day! :P

Today i went to gym for about 30 minutes after school but was feeling pretty icky...came home, took some more Theraflu, had lunch with dad..i was feeling worse by the minute at lunch, came home and napped until now. It was much needed. I regret not spending more time at the gym and working out my abs. I'm gunna go play around on the ball here in a bit just for good measure.

Going to a football game tomorrow and hopefully will get out in time to hang out with Jess. We'll see how it all works out.

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