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Brakbrakbrak <- my impersonation of the Cadbury Bunneh

I'm tired of eating like a bunneh :( But i must, i must...i must decrease my....tummy.

Had a very good workout at the gym with Jess yesterday. Felt i did pretty decent for my first time back at the gym in a while. I thought i'd be very sore today but besides some initially ache this morning i was fine. It didn't help i woke up with a nasty head cold either. I took some Theraflu and slept an extra two i was a bit late for school. No was my last day! :P

Today i went to gym for about 30 minutes after school but was feeling pretty icky...came home, took some more Theraflu, had lunch with dad..i was feeling worse by the minute at lunch, came home and napped until now. It was much needed. I regret not spending more time at the gym and working out my abs. I'm gunna go play around on the ball here in a bit just for good measure.

Going to a football game tomorrow and hopefully will get out in time to hang out with Jess. We'll see how it all works out.
Tags: dating, exercise, school
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