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I got an elliptical machine today. It was used but it practically new condition and only cost $60! I'm excited.

I have trouble getting the motivation to drive to the gym and i may just cancel membership. I'm gunna see how it goes when i'm not "working".

Speaking of "work"....i loved the first 4 weeks..but being in Support is epic fail. I'm being harassed, basically, by one of the employees and the boss of all the pharmacy is a male chauvinist, he's their bright shining poster boy. He is what every man hating asshole wishes he could be. I would, quite literally, like him to die.

I passed my PTCB on the 26th and am just waiting to get my paperwork so i can get registered in TX. Will apply for all kindsa jobs after that.

I've been looking more into Army Reserves and National Guard and seeing what my options are there. It's looking pretty appealing.

Dad and I will be going to Baton Rouge/NOLA the first 2 weeks of April. I'm also going to go to Biloxi/Gulfport, MS to play around on the beach and if my aunt goes..go to the casino for a bit. I'm looking very forward to this vacation. It'll be hard for my diet but i intend to do a lot of walking while there so hopefully i wont gain TOO much.

I'm going to be getting my Fleur Di Lis and French Filigree tattoo sometime this week aswell. My goal is to have MOST of the tat done and lose another 5-10 lbs before heading to NOLA. Woo!
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