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Well, i'm maintaining my weight for the past few weeks. Which is good, honestly. I'm not going to focus too much on losing again till i return from New Orleans.

I've finished internship and just need to do some paperwork at the school and i'm DONE! I passed the PTCB, gotta get the TX registration...and will start looking for work after i return from vacation.

As i was commenting to an LJ friend...i feel like shit cause i haven't kept up with my LJ posts. But i'll be driving or doing something and get some great thought and idea for a post..but it just never happens. Why is it sometimes the easiest things we just get too lazy to do?

So i went hiking again yesterday and it was very fun. I really love's hard for me, at first, but i just push through and it's more fun. I know it's a great workout and it's pretty and exciting to do! I also did a small bit of rock climbing too! That was really exciting and i want to do it a very easy spot, because i've got a long way to go before i'm re-enacting some epic Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible" scene.

I want to ask a friend to take some photos of me because i'm feeling particularly vain and just want to get some done. She'd do it for free, cause she's nice, but i'll prolly pay her or take her to dinner anyway :P

The tattoo is scheduled for Thursday..i'm very excited! Unfortunately it's most likely going to be a bit crusty by the time i get to NOLA but it'll be there, in my skin! So yay!

I'm excited to go out for Saint Patrick's day...still not going to drink, but it'll be nice to go out and let loose for a bit. I'll prolly flirt shamelessly with whatever attractive men i find. Haha!

Hope, Myself, and Adam in front of a big rock :P This is about 3/4 a mile up.

It took a while to prop rocks up for this self portrait :P

Yeah, we climbed to the top of that.

Neato rocks on the way back, with the sun going down. I wanna get closer to these rocks next time.
Tags: hiking, tattoo, vacation, weightloss
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