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Dear Livejournal..

...and friends.

I'm sorry I have failed you. I'm obviously just..not a good livejournaler anymore.

I'm wicked amazing at Twitter though! I'm such a lemming. A sheep. Baaahh!

Quick update: I finished internship and have been looking for work every since. I've vacation to Baton Rouge and to Illinois to visit families. I may have a job but i'm not sure yet. I don't want to say too much cause i can jinx it.
Dads going to Baton Rouge next month to look at the house he's going to buy and intends to move into next year by February. Depending if i get this job or not i'll stay in El Paso a bit longer to establish myself with job and make sure this house in EP gets sold. Waahooot :P

I'm still single and it's starting to bug me. More so..the lack of sex is starting to bug me. This too..shall pass.

And...uh...i've lost 30 lbs. I'm at a plateau right now and it's annoying me. I'm not as strict with the gym as i should be. It's easier to just be lazy and sleep all day at home. Depression and self pity is a horrible drug...or...something. Either way..i have things to look forward to now and thus i can't use depression as my excuse for having a perfect imprint of my slowly diminishing ass on the couch.
Tags: epic failure, exercise, job, moving, update
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